The Role and Requirements of the SQF Practitioner

When a company sets out to become SQF Certified, it is necessary to appoint an SQF Practitioner to be the lead for the implementation of the SQF system. The company must give that person the authority to lead the development of the Food Safety Fundamentals and the Food Safety Plan.

Role of the SQF Practitioner:

The SQF Practitioner will not only lead the implementation but they will be responsible for maintaining the system and making sure it is effective through the use of verification and validation.

The SQF Practitioner will facilitate communication in the company of information related to the implementation and maintenance of the system.

SQF Training for the Practitioner: A collection of essential tools for the SQF Practitioner has been created by to help the SQF Practitioner with these responsibilities. They will make the project much easier, saving time and money in the process.

Requirements of an SQF Practitioner:

The SQF Code defines the required qualifications for this role in Section 8.2 “SQF Practitioner”: The SQF practitioner shall:
i. Be employed by the supplier as a company employee on a full-time basis;
ii. Hold a position of responsibility in relation to the management of the supplier’s SQF
iii. Have completed a HACCP training course;
iv. Be competent to implement and maintain HACCP based food safety plans; and
v. Have an understanding of the SQF Code  and the requirements for implementing and maintaining an SQF System relevant to the supplier scope of certification.


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  1. Jeff January 12, 2017 at 6:35 pm #

    So i have a questions for you. I just got hired at a company for a SQF PRACTITIONER but i have never donebthis before. So i took the haccp and sfq course. What do u think i ahould do first. With no trainging at all

  2. vinca January 31, 2017 at 3:16 pm #

    If the company has not yet implemented SQF, you could start by doing a gap analysis to see what is already in place to meet requirements and what needs to be done. This will be the basis for your implementation plan. Then you can start the implementation. I recommend downloading our free SQF Quick Start Guide.

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