SQF Templates and Implementation Tools Package

Learn Online, Anytime. Downloadable Templates.

This online SQF Program will provide you with the instruction, templates, planning tools and knowledge you need to effectively implement SQF Level 2 or 3 to prepare for certification. You will be provided with detailed tutorials and instructions in order to lead your team efficiently to implement your documented system.

This package not only includes templates for the Food Safety Manual, Procedures, Forms and PRP Tables (Food Safety Fundamentals) but also includes complete guidance, tutorials and implementation plans to let you know what to do and how to do it.

How it works

The program is online and available on-demand so you can work on it whenever it is convenient. You will be able to log in and download the documents which are in Microsoft Word and Excel so you can customize them and save them on your system.

SQF requires everyone to use 2 Modules: Module 2 plus the industry-specific Module such as Module 11 for food processors and Module 13 for food packaging manufacturers. This package includes both Module 2 and the Module you specify for your industry. (More details below)

The contents of the packaged are listed below.

Module 2

Management Review

Document and Records Control

Specifications and Product Development

Food Safety Fundamentals

Food Safety and Quality Plans

Incoming Goods and Services

Control of Nonconforming Product and Equipment


Finished Product Release

Validation and Verification

Corrections and Corrective Action

Product Sampling, Inspection and Analysis

Internal Audits

Product Identification, Trace, Withdrawal and Recall

Product Defense

Identity Preserved Foods (Level 3 only)

Allergen Management


You will select ONE of the Modules listed below:

The Modules each include the PRP (Food Safety Fundamentals) Tables listed. The tables are complete with examples and suggestions.

Module 11:
Food Processors

Module 13:
Food Packaging Manufacturers