Introduction to SQF Edition 8
Edition 8 for Manufacturers

What the SQF Food Safety Code Edition 8 means to your company.
What the requirements are and how to meet them.
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This version is for Manufacturers (of food). View training courses for Manufactures or Food Packaging Materials.
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Introduction to SQF Edition 8
for Manufacturers (food)
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This course is for management, HACCP team members, and anyone who wants to understand the requirements of the SQF Food Safety Code. Those involved in the implementation or maintenance of your SQF system will benefit from this course since it necessary to have a good understanding of the requirements and how to meet them. The SQF Code has defined responsibilities to top management. Taking this course is a good way for them to be aware of and understand their role in the success of the system and certification.
Chapter 1: Food System Elements
2.1 Management Commitment
2.2 Documents and Records
2.3 Specifications and Product Development
2.4 Food Safety System
2.5 SQF System Verification
2.6 Product Identification Trace Withdrawal and Recall
2.7 Food Defense and Food Fraud
2.8 Allergen Management
2.9 Training
Principles of HACCP
Chapter 2: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Site Location and Construction
Construction of Premises and Equipment
Personnel Hygiene and Welfare
Personnel Processing Practices
Water, Ice and Air Supply
Storage and Transport
Separation of Functions
On-site Laboratories
Waste Disposal
This course takes about 3 hours to complete.
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