Gap Analysis Tutorial & Checklists
Edition 8 for Manufacturers

How to start your SQF implementation project with a Gap Analysis by measuring your current system against the SQF requirements
How to use the results of your Gap Analysis to prepare an effective implementation project plan.
Convenient, Online Training & Downloadable Checklists
Online tutorial shows you how to conduct your Gap Analysis
Download Gap Analysis Checklists to use for your Gap Analysis (or Internal Audits)
Checklists are in MS Word for ease of editing and reporting
Includes a checklist for each the SQF Food Safety System and the GMPs
Print certificate of completion.
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Gap Analysis Tutorial & Checklists
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Be prepared to conduct a successful Gap Analysis of your current system. This is an important step to take in preparation for a successful implementation of SQF in yoru company. You will use the Gap Analysis to find out what requirements you are already meeting and find the gaps.
The downloadable checklists will be your guide as you evaluate your food safety management system. WIth room for notes and obsservcations, recording conformance or nonconformance, the checklist becomes your record of findings and can be used to plan your project. You will aksi be able to use the checklists for internal audits once you begin your internal audits.
Tutorial Agenda:
Using the Gap Checklists
Categorizing your findings
Planning the Gap Analysis
Conducting the Gap Analysis
Audit Techniques
Reporting the results
The tutorial takes about 30 minutes to complete. There is a quiz at the end of the training. It is not timed. You may refer to your notes. If you do not pass, you may review the course content and retake the quiz.
Print certificate of completion